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Stokes Valley Football Club was founded out of a shared community desire and need for football in the valley.

Back in 1966, Stokes Valley was an up-and-coming suburb with flat land, reasonable housing prices and a significant influx of young families and new residents. At the time there was a strong desire from local children to play football and they had been doing it informally on Saturday mornings. This caught the attention of their parents who collectively demonstrated support to take these informal practice sessions and make something more organised.


The Clubs inaugural meeting took place on 7th March 1967 at the St Phillips Church Hall in Stokes Valley.


[photo of the hall to come]


The club started small with two Senior Men's teams and five Junior teams in the first season and no clubrooms to speak of. Its numbers steadily grew in the following years reaching its peak in 1983 with six Senior Men's teams, two Senior Women's teams and 23 Junior teams. The Club also raised the funds for, and built, its own clubrooms. A staple of our culture and heritage that remains today as a centre for players new and old to relax, eat, drink and have fun with a variety of seasonal events.


Over the years the club has had its fair share of wins, losses, hardships and expansions.Fast-forward to 2023 and our glory days are fast starting to return with six Senior Men's teams, one Senior Women's team and 22 Junior teams, along with over 60 First Kicks players. The Club Management Committee is committed more than ever to seeing this grow with new events, sponsorship opportunities, teams and coaching opportunities.


The Club remains an integral part of the Stokes Valley community and history, and is a staple of the of the underdog who may not be the biggest club, but has the biggest heart, battling back from any adversity and providing a safe space to share the love of the game of football.


[photo of club to come]

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