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Here at Stokes Valley we are one of the few clubs left with its own operated venue space. We operate the space from 1st April to 30th September every year and our venue is ideal for meetings, seminars, and a wide range of social events. We can comfortably host up to 200 people in our space.

We have a commercial kitchen space ideal for cooking, heating or supplying food for your event and a fully operated bar facility ideal to provide refreshment for that wedding engagement or 21st. We can order in selected beverages to suit your tastes.


Costs and pricing:

SVFC Management reserve the sole discretion of fixing or changing the price of hire of the Stokes Valley clubrooms. Venue hire will be charged per hour or use or at an agreed price between the hirer and management before the period of hire is to commence. However, a standard pricing plan is as follows:

  • Full building use, no kitchen no bar - $100 per hour

  • Full building use, with kitchen and bar - $150 per hour


Additional information to note:

Use of the bar requires any hirer to provide at least 21 working days’ notice of the event to ensure the correct licensing is applicable.

When requesting the use of the bar for your event the Management will provide you with a list of Terms and Conditions to ensure your event meets or regulatory and statutory rules. This will include providing your own security for the event and ensuring every guest has been signed into the event.

To book an event please contact us on the below at

Please outline the following when making a booking:

  • Dates and times of the booking

  • Primary contact person for the event and their contact details

  • Nature of the event (what it entails and how many attendees you intend to have)

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